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To better understand who we are...

Why not ask ourselves where the atoms that make up our body come from?

We are composed of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen ... that were created, like all those who form the Earth, about 13.5 million years ago by giant stars.

At the heart of these, nuclei of hydrogen atoms merged to become nuclei of helium atoms. When the available hydrogen became exhausted, the helium nuclei fused to give beryllium, which fused with helium to form nuclei of carbon atoms. And so on..

Little by little, heavier atomic nuclei appeared: oxygen, sulfur, calcium, up to iron. But these massive stars were unstable. They exploded, generating gigantic clouds, the nebulae. 4.5 billion years ago, one of them condensed and gave birth to our solar system. The nuclei of lighter atoms formed the sun and the gaseous planets. The heavier ones formed telluric planets, like the Earth.

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